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We received a suprising phone call from the Hallamshire Hospital recently: “We have got a dog in labour and she is losing a rather large amount of blood. Can we bring her over?” Not their usual class of patient…

So, me and my staff waited anxiously, on high alert, expecting the worst. An emergency Caesarean section was on our minds. Our operating theatre was in use so all we could think was “do we wake this animal up ASAP to free up theatre or what do we do?” But first things first. Let’s see the dog and then decide what needs to be done. So there we waited, all excited, on standby, oxytocin within reach…

Sometime later the “mum to be” arrived; a little, rotund Chihuahua swaddled in hospital towels. Only the blood was not coming from where you would expect it to be during birthing process...but it came from higher up, from the side of her bottom. She had an anal gland abscess. One problem solved quite quickly, antibiotics and pain relief will do the trick but as to finding out where she came from??? She was not microchipped and nobody on the ward seemed to know her.

If anybody knows anything, please contact us ASAP and if you could also explain to us how she ended up at the E-floor of the hospital that would be nice. What a strange place to find a stray dog. For now she is nicknamed “Hallamshire” or Shirley for short. The hospital staff that found her are looking after her and she will most likely stay with them if the owner cannot be found.