Broomhill Veterinary Practice

13 Crookes Road Sheffield S10 5BA
Tel: 0114 2683239


We offer 15-minute consultation slots during which you will be able to discuss any health concerns regarding your pet. You are welcome to arrange longer appointments if needed. If you have any special requirements please tell the receptionist when making the appointment.

Our veterinary surgeons are experienced in dealing not only with dogs and cats but also with many types of 'small furry' animals. We offer reduced consultation fees for these 'small furries'.

As we are a small team it is usually possible to see the same vet each visit.


**Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our work load has increased and our availability for appointments is low. If you have an emergency please still call the practice. In addition to this we are also not allowing clients into the practice at the moment.**


Annual Health Check

An annual health check consists of a weight check and an assessment of heart and lung functions, and dental health. You will also have the opportunity to discuss any questions or health issues related to your pet. This gives us the opportunity to detect the onset of health problems early on.

In most species an annual health check is performed when they come to us for their annual booster vaccinations. These booster vaccinations are needed to maintain immunity against life threatening diseases.

For those animals that do not visit the vet for an annual booster it is still important to have a health check performed at least once a year. We may pick up on problems before they become real issues.


Our practice offers a full medicine dispensing service to registered clients. Medication can be collected at any time during our opening hours. We require at least 48 hours notice for a prescription to ensure that we have it in stock and to give us time to get it prepared for you. Please also be aware that if medications are ordered on a Friday, they may not be ready until Monday. To order a prescription online click here.

To conform with United Kingdom legislations, and to help ensure your pet’s safety, all medications are prescribed by a veterinary surgeon and if your pet is on long term medication we will request to see him/her for medication checks and/or blood tests at appropriate intervals.

Clients are advised that written prescriptions for drugs to be dispensed elsewhere are available for an administration fee. Any such prescription will specify that only a licensed medicine will be dispensed. It would be illegal for a pharmacist to dispense a similar human medicine.

Food orders also require 48 hours notice.

Dental Care

Dental care is one of the most overlooked aspects of pet health. Bad dental hygiene can create a number of problems, from bad breath to serious systemic disease, often heart disease. Dental work on animals always requires anaesthesia.

We can perform a range of dental procedures from scale and polish to multiple extractions. By removing tartar from the teeth we are able to reduce the formation of cavities and the need for extraction in later life. By subsequently polishing the teeth the formation of new plaque is reduced. Our team will be very happy to advise you on how to care for your pet’s teeth and how to keep your pet’s teeth clean.


If you make an appointment for microchipping you will not be charged a consultation fee. More information can be found in the Advice section.

Prevention Clinic

We want to help our clients whenever we can. This is why we offer you free clinics on disease prevention treatments, diet and dental health.