Broomhill Veterinary Practice

13 Crookes Road Sheffield S10 5BA
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We carry out all routine operations, and also some specialised soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures, on site. Your pet will be admitted in the morning between 08:30 and 09:30. During admission we will discuss with you whether you wish to have a pre-anaesthetic blood test for your pet in order to check their liver and kidney functions (more information on the importance of pre-anaesthetic testing can be found in the ‘Advice’ section). We will also ask you if you want us to administer intravenous fluid to your pet during the operation. This helps to wash out the anaesthetics from the blood stream, and speeds up the recovery of your animal.

After admission, most pets will be given a ‘pre-med’. This has a sedative effect, reducing your pet’s stress and allowing us to use less of the anaesthetic agents, making a safer procedure overall. Operations take place at the premises between 11:00 and 14:00.

All our surgical and dental patients are given a minimum of two types of pain-killer to minimise post-operative pain. After the surgery we will ensure that your pet has enough time to recover under supervision before going home.

Pre-Op Instructions

Most operations require the administration of either a heavy sedative or a general anaesthetic. The risks involved with anaesthesia have been minimised with the use of modern techniques, monitoring equipment and drug protocols. However all anaesthetics still carry a risk so please follow the instructions below to minimise that risk.

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