Broomhill Veterinary Practice

13 Crookes Road Sheffield S10 5BA
Tel: 0114 2683239



Broomhill Practice

We are located at the corner of Crookes Road and Spooner Road, where 'Witchcraft' used to be, in the Broomhill shopping centre. After refurbishing the building we installed a ramp and extra-wide entrance door to provide easy access for our disabled customers and for those with small children.


The reception desk is in a large waiting room with a dedicated children’s corner. There is non-slip flooring throughout. From here extra wide doors lead to two consulting rooms. Since Paws Here, the petshop accross the road, has closed down, we now also stock petfood, pet bedding and other pet supplies.

Operating Theatre

We have a dedicated operating theatre which is equipped with anaesthesia monitoring equipment to ensure the safe and pain-free surgical procedures. Our Pulseoximeter allows the continuous display of your pet's heart rate, breathing rate, blood oxygenation and body temperature


Our kennels are made from UPVC which makes each animal’s bed private, quiet and warm. We use pheromone based diffusers in the rooms to help your pet relax and feel at home. There is one kennel just designated for small pets like rabbits and guinea pigs. In this way, their environment smells predator-free. There is also a large walk-in kennel.

Radiology Suite

We are able to perform instant digital X-ray examinations in our practice. We can then send these X-rays via the internet for a second opinion or specialist opinion.