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Other Pets

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We can vaccinate ferrets against a highly susceptible virus:

Canine distemper virus (CDV)

Initial signs include discharge from the nose and the eyes, poor appetite and lethargy. The disease is always fatal. We cannot stress enough the importance of vaccination against it.

       Schedule of vaccination:

The first vaccine can be given at age of 8 weeks and the second at the age of 10 weeks. Annual booster injections are needed to maintain immunity. At vaccination time your ferret will also get a general health and weight check, and you will have the opportunity to discuss any of your ferret's health issues with the vet.

Small Furries

We see lots of small mammals like hamsters, rats and guinea pigs as well as some more exotic critters such as degus and hedgehogs.

Something to keep an eye on with these types of pets is the length of their claws, as they can easily become overgrown and need trimming. As with other animals, you will not be charged a consult fee to have your small furry's claws clipped, only the price of the procedure.

Another thing to look out for is the presence of any lumps, which can often be successfully removed under a general anaesthetic.